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Mr. Law has been a renowned music teacher for innovative teaching ideas to students. He has been the music industry for over 30yrs as an expert of European Violins.  He found Law's Music in 2004 and........

Violin makers/workshops we always work with -

Klaus Luwig Clement, Germany

On January 1, 2010, Klaus Ludwig Clement opened a new master workshop in the music city of Leipzig, Germany

Aside from his reputation as a violin maker, Klaus has also garnered an international reputation through numerous lectures about violin making and his special area of expertise, historical varnish recipes. Klaus derives his knowledge and experience from the study of scientific explorations of the nature of materials and acoustics, from the analysis of historical work techniques and methods. The construction of his own instruments reflects all of the above interests and pursuits. His interest in, and exploration of the visual arts helps him in the process of finding his own style.


Andrea Schudtz, Italy

Andrea Schudtz was born in November 1973, made his first steps in the Violinmaking Art with his father Pavel Schudtz, a famous M. Liutaio who worked for Bolshoj Theatre in Moscow (Russia) and he became the expert of the Instruments Collection of the State of Russia. When Andrea was a child, he started to play the violin and also attended the School of Music.


His instruments are made following the rules of the Classical models of the Cremonese School, such as Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati, adding a little personal touch. His varnish is very thin and elastic and the choice of the wood is excellent. All those qualities make his instruments very successful between the musicians all over the word.

At present, he lives and works in Cremona where he opened a workshop in the centre of the town. Here he builds and repairs violins, violas and cellos; he also restores  and well tune instruments, bows as well, under request, he is also make antique instrument’s reproductions.

Peter S. Heffler, Germany

Peter Siegfried Heffler, born on Jan, 31st 1960 in Reuth, learned the trade of varnishing stringed instruments from his father Konrad Heffler, born on June 4th 1933 in Bereg. In 1945 Konarad Heffler immigrated to Franconia, together with his parents and opened his own business for violin varnishing in 1960. Peter opened his own business for violin making in 1985. This first years, he specialized in the refinement of violin, viola and cello surfaces. Many companies appreciated this know-how, e.g. worldwide known companies such as Hfner and Gill.

RENE Morizot, French
Among the six sons of Louis Morizot Père, the well-known Mirecourt bow maker, René, the youngest, is the only one to have dedicated his life to violin making. René served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt with Emile Audinot.He settled himself in Mirecourt, 8 rue Saint Georges, in 1933. In 1969, he joined as a teacher the National school of violin making, in Mirecourt, where he stayed until 1982. The 3rd generation is now running their business in France
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