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andrea Scdudtz violin, Italy 

Andrea Schudtz was born in November 1973, made his first steps in the Violinmaking Art with his father Pavel Schudtz, a famous M. Liutaio who worked for Bolshoj Theatre in Moscow (Russia) and he became the expert of the Instruments Collection of the State of Russia. When Andrea was a child, he started to play the violin and also attended the School of Music.


His instruments are made following the rules of the Classical models of the Cremonese School, such as Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati, adding a little personal touch. His varnish is very thin and elastic and the choice of the wood is excellent. All those qualities make his instruments very successful between the musicians all over the word.

At present, he lives and works in Cremona where he opened a workshop in the centre of the town. Here he builds and repairs violins, violas and cellos; he also restores  and well tune instruments, bows as well, under request, he is also make antique instrument’s reproductions.

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