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Maucotel et deschamp, france

MAUCOTEL Ernest: Born in Mirecourt on 20-7-1867. Grandnephew of Charles Adolphe. Made his apprenticeship at Paul Bailly. Perfected in Moscow with his uncle EA Salzard, returned to France and entered as first worker at Sylvestre where he became the partner on 1-4-1900. Maintained alone in 1913, Maucotel in turn secured the valuable assistance of Deschamp. The latter is not luthier, but expert of great merit. The house which was then located Faubourg Poissonnière is today 27, rue de Rome on the first floor. The signed instruments of these two luthiers are often inspired by the Italian school, especially the masters of the Venetian school, such as San-Serafino, Montagnana and Goffriller. Oil varnish of a beautiful golden color. Printed label: Maucotel and Deschamp / Paris 19. No. Maucotel and Deschamp also have a rich collection of old instruments.
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